I'm Dorien Roest, registry Podiatrist affiliated with Foundation LOOP and the NVMBR. I'm sitting in the podiatry for over 18 years, first as a pedicure with diabetes note and later as a lecturer and examiner pedicure after which I am going to study for registry Podiatrist.. In addition I have a private podolab InsolePlus and I am getting concerned with the development of new products and therapies and makes InsolePlus soles for colleagues. If registry Podiatrist I am registered in the quality register for the Podiatry, Registerpodologen are paramedical foot specialists. In my practice I make in addition to clinical research using the most advanced equipment, such as foot scan, foot pressure analysis, rugmeting, and I have the training "Musculoskeletal Ultrasound foot and ankle" successfully completed and I'll use ultrasound to an even more specific diagnosis. Right now I am with InsolePlus busy with researching the possibilities of the 3D printer within the voetenvak. In addition, I have my own brand slipper in the market especially for people of our practice, a slipper with a personal footbed whether or not corrective action called "Doortjes"

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