Graag laten we u kennis maken met de door de Podologiepraktijk Statenkwartier toegepaste therapieën en de daarbij gebruikte hulpmiddelen.

Podiatry is a therapy that focuses on prevention and treatment of foot pain and disorders in the foot and posture device. As Podiatrist I treat patients with foot pain and/or complaints arising from the improper functioning of the feet (think of knee, hip or back problems). As Podiatrist I take a medical history and do a full podologisch research. A podologisch examination consists of; a case history, clinical research, possibly additional research d. m. v rugmeting, extended running analysis and/or ultrasound. On the basis of my findings I will possibly a therapy plan. The therapy can include corrective and/or protective techniques, such as taping, orthoses and/or sole corrections. In addition, I work together with the medical pedicure and physical/manual therapists. Visit to a register Podiatrist will be reimbursed from the supplementary insurance, level of remuneration depends on your health care provider.

Because the skeleton of a child (from 0 to puberty and young adults) still in the growth phase is it is sensitive and vulnerable. That is certainly true of children that much and intensive (sports) move. Heel pain, knee pain and limp are the most common complaints in a child. The hidden love pain symptoms is also at. So be alert if your child avoids activities that otherwise is going to run or he else quite like it. Early advice prevents long-term injury or wear and tear.

Normal development of O, X Legs

< 2 years: O legs

2-4 years: straight

4-7 years: X knees

7-12 years: straight

13-18 years: X knees

Adults: straight

De voeten van een sporter vormen de basis voor sportprestaties en -plezier. Door de voeten goed te verzorgen en de juiste schoenen te dragen verbetert de mobiliteit van het gehele houding- en bewegingsapparaat.

In sommige gevallen zorgt een blokkade in de voet, heup en/of rug ervoor dat deze niet optimaal functioneert. Om dergelijke blokkades op te heffen kan manuele therapie gebruikt worden; een techniekvorm die steeds meer wordt toegepast. Tijdens de behandeling wordt met een snelle, korte beweging het vastzittende gewricht “los gemaakt”. De manipulatie dient meestal ter ondersteuning van de podologische therapie of steunzool.

Ultrasound is a very powerful diagnostic tool (known from control pregnancy), based on sound waves. The sound waves are converted into images. This allows us the condition of the bone structure and soft structures (such as muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels). In addition, the Ultrasound also inflammation in image. This makes the Ultrasound also a valuable diagnostic tool for me as registerpodoloog. The ultrasound I use at common indications such as: • Tendon pathology • Bursa abnormalities (such as bursitis) • soft tissue swellings • Arthritis • Trauma • heel spur (calcification of the tendon to the heel bone plate) • Plantar Fasciitis (heel spur ultrasound is completely safe and painless. It has no contraindications. You can research undergone just if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or other medical conditions. Ultrasound produces sound waves and no radiation, such as a CT scan or x-ray radiation.

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